Welcome to Gangsterz for Life! We Are Da Gangsters, Haters Gonna Hate.

Contribute To Dis Nao.

Or Die.

We Will Come.

Nao Do It.

Leave A Message On Our Talk Pages.

No Shit Here. Correcto?

Da main badass niggas of dis wiki is Lily, Abby, Zakky, Caylin, Franky, and Kiki

Bai For Nao...

-The Main Badass Niggas On This Wiki, Bitch!

Why Be a Gangster?Edit

Good Question! Because, being a gangster is better than being some old bitch! And being a gangster makes you epic! If your stupid, you aint no gangster, AKA some bitches who got one of our main badass bitch banned

Why Be a Thug?Edit

Excellent Question! Becuase, if you're a thug, you will get more friends, you won't get date raped by fishermen, and you will be able to fuck Honey Boo Boo!!

Epic Niggas to ContactEdit

Okay so if some bitch comes here and is all fucked up and thinks they are the bitch and they fuck with you here and a mod nor admin is on chat at that time here are the people to contact:

Me (Lily!)

Asfbn (Abby)

Fluffeh Kitteh (Zakky)

KNKHungerGames (Kiki)

~PoundtheAlarm~ (Caylin)

MR.Clove14 (Frank)

Cause we epic! :P

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